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Single-Hand Content Marketing
For Publication - Summer 2016

CloudWorks Publishing is currently authoring an ebook covering the various elements of content marketing and how - by using readily available automation tools - a single person, or very small team, can manage an effective content marketing campaign of significant scope and complexity.

Automation is expected to be a primary focus within the content marketing community in 2016.  CloudWorks' Single-Hand Content Marketing is a timely and comprehensive blueprint for small to medium businesses wanting to remain competitive in the increasingly fast-paced world of digital marketing.

Single-Hand Series

CloudWorks Single-Hand Series
Coming This Spring

The CloudWorks Single-Hand Series is the basis for the Single-Hand Content Marketing ebook, and a multi-channel information series for very small to medium marketing teams with limited budgets. Segments of the series are delivered using all of the expected channels - blog, email, social media, podcast, video and webinar - and provide detailed information covering content marketing campaign design, planning, scheduling, development, distribution and perfomance analysis.

We adopted the name "Single-Hand" because it seemed appropriate when considering our theme of ; a very small team, effectively performing a complex activity, typically done by much larger groups.  The term "Single-Hand" comes from the world of off-shore sailboat racing.  Sailboats of 60' or more are sailed in around-the-world competitions by a single person.  Single-Hand racers can only be successful in boats with the perfect combination of technology, configured in the absolute optimal manner for each sailor.  Nothing more - nothing less.

We approach Single-Hand Content Marketing is much the same manner.  There are a lot of tools available today but not all of them are necessary and many don't work well together. And, there are a lot of different approaches to building your brand or your audience - or just being heard in all the noise - but they rarely work in every situation.  Determining the best combination for your situation can quickly become overwhelming.  The goal of the Single-Hand Series is to provide some understand, clarity and direction.  So you will be able to configure your marketing boat for success on the high seas.

Insights Series

Insights Series
Coming This Spring

CloudWorks, in partnership with Focal Point Marketing and Eyedetec Medical, is currently in the planning stages for a new podcast, titled "Insights Podcast", and an associated blog, titled suprisingly enough, "Insights Blog". 

The goal, is to make these sister channels valuable resources for practices within the eye care industry.  Episodes will include a wide variety of topics including practice: offices, furnishing, staff training, software, management, marketing, and growth -- in addition to -- new product reviews and recommendations, how to incorporate and monitizing 3rd party products into your practice, and much much more.  Interviews with doctors and professional from eye care, practice consulting, marketing, and the manufacturers of the products and equipment eye care professionals use will insure that "Insights" becomes a valuable resource in the eye care professional's tool kit.

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CloudWorks is a content marketing company which is performance driven.  With over 25 years experience in technology and traditional & online marketing, the CloudWorks team is ideally positioned to provide our clients with a broad scoped, engaging, results driven, content marketing presence.

We provide our client partners with campaign design, planning, creation, distribution, analysis and management services -- and -- all for a percentage of sales.  CloudWorks campaigns include blogs, emails, videos, podcasts, webinars, web landing pages and social media posts and - using multi-platform performance analytics - are fine tuned to achieve optimal performance.

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